3 Best DNS Benchmarking Tools

DNS server is responsible for forwarding your domain requests to IP address of the website. There are several DNS servers around the globe. Your ISP also provides a default DNS server that your internet connection uses. But you can use any publicly available DNS server for faster access to Internet. We have already made a […]
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3 Best Wireshark Alternatives for Android

Wireshark is the most popular network packet analyser that lets you see network traffic going out and coming in to all computers in the network. So, you can see anything on your network that’s not encrypted. The only problem is that Wireshark is not available for Android. While most of the people now prefer Android […]
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Metta – An Information Security Preparedness Tool To Do Adversarial Simulation

Metta is an information security preparedness tool.This project uses Redis/Celery, python, and vagrant with virtualbox to do adversarial simulation. This allows you to test (mostly) your host based instrumentation but may also allow you to test any network based detection and controls depending on how you set up your vagrants.The project parses yaml files with actions and uses celery to queue these actions up and run them one at a time without interaction.Installationsee setup.mdThere is also a wikiRunning actionsThe various actions live in the MITRE folder sorted by MITRE ATT&CK phases and also in Adversarial_SimulationJust run the python and yaml file of your choice$ python run_simulation_yaml.py -f MITRE/Discovery/discovery_win_account.ymlYAML FILE: MITRE/Discovery/discovery_account.yamlOS matched windows…sending to the windows vagrantRunning: cmd.exe /c net group \”Domain Admins\" /domainRunning: cmd.exe /c net user /addRunning: cmd.exe /c net user /domainRunning: cmd.exe /c net localgroup administratorsRunning: cmd.exe /c net shareRunning: cmd.exe /c net useRunning: cmd.exe /c net accountsRunning: cmd.exe /c net config workstationRunning: cmd.exe /c dsquery serverRunning: cmd.exe /c dsquery user -name smith* | dsget user -dn -descRunning: cmd.exe /c wmic useraccount list /format:listRunning: cmd.exe /c wmic ntdomainRunning: cmd.exe /c wmic group list /format:listRunning: cmd.exe /c wmic sysaccount list /format:listMaking actionsThe actions and scenarios live in the MITRE folder sorted by MITRE ATT&CK phases and also in Adversarial_Simulation The most important parts are the OS field and the purple_actionsos: will tell the tool which vagrant to send the command to, obviously *nix commands on windows wont work out so wellpurple_actions: an array of commands to run sequentiallyMaking scenariosScenarios are a list of paths to actions.The code will be looking for a scenario: True field and scenario_actions list. Example below: GotchasThe tool takes the string from purple_actions and encapsulates it in quotes. Therefore you need to escape any other quotes, ticks, weird shell characters in your command.Use the output of the vagrant/celery piece to make sure things are working like they shouldWhy Metta?Metta (Pali) Loving kindness, gentle friendship; a practice for generating loving kindness said to be first taught by the Buddha as an antidote to fear. It helps cultivate our natural capacity for an open and loving heart and is traditionally offered along with other Brahma-vihara meditations that enrich compassion, joy in the happiness of others and equanimity. These practices lead to the development of concentration, fearlessness, happiness and a greater ability to love. Download Metta

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Nemesis – TCP/IP Packet Injector.

Nemesis is a command-line network packet crafting and injection utility for UNIX-like and Windows systems. Nemesis is well suited for testing Network Intrusion Detection Systems,…

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fi6s – fast IPv6 network scanner.

fi6s is a IPv6 port scanner designed to be fast. This is achieved by sending and processing raw packets asynchronously. The design and goal is…

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15 Best Free DNS Servers For Faster Internet Speed

Every website on the Internet gets a unique IP address. But remembering the IP address was not easy for human being. So, they started using domain names. For example, you need to type google.com to access it. Think if you needed to remember its IP address. That could be impossible. Internet still works on IP […]
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Li-Fi vs. Wi-Fi – Basic Differences

Few days back, I wrote ab article explaining the new wireless communication called Li-Fi. After that, I found several requests for telling the basic differences between Li-Fi and Wi-Fi. I am not sure if it was really necessary because reading about Li-Fi clearly explains everything. But I decided to write a separate post on Li-Fi […]
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