ezsploit – Linux Bash Script Automation For Metasploit

Command line script for automating metasploit functions: Checks for metasploit service and starts if not present Easily craft meterpreter reverse_tcp payloads for Windows, Linux, Android and Mac Start multiple meterpreter reverse_tcp listners Assistance with building basic persistence options and scripts Armitage launcher Drop into Msfconsole Some other fun stuff :)Download ezsploit

Link: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/PentestTools/~3/btZAMG1T0lY/ezsploit-linux-bash-script-automation.html

VENOM 1.0.15 – Metasploit Shellcode Generator/Compiler/Listener

The script will use msfvenom (metasploit) to generate shellcode in diferent formats ( c | python | ruby | dll | msi | hta-psh ) injects the shellcode generated into one template (example: python) “the python funtion will execute the shellcode into ram" and uses compilers like gcc (gnu cross compiler) or mingw32 or pyinstaller to build the executable file, also starts a multi-handler to recive the remote connection (shell or meterpreter session).’venom generator’ tool reproduces some of the technics used by Veil-Evasion.py, unicorn.py, powersploit.py, etc, etc, etc.."P.S. some payloads are undetectable by AV soluctions… yes!!!" One of the reasons for that its the use of a funtion to execute the 2° stage of shell/meterpreter directly into targets ram the other reazon its the use of external obfuscator/crypters.HOW DO I DELIVER MY PAYLOADS TO TARGET HOST ?venom (malicious_server) was build to take advantage of apache2 webserver to deliver payloads (LAN) using a fake webpage writen in html that takes advantage of