[python]Create AWS VPC with boto3

Background This is a follow up on this post https://cyruslab.net/2018/10/19/pythontrying-out-aws-sdk/ back then I was only trying out… However I am beginning to take this seriously… as a hobby… Pre-requisites Setup awscli. The awscli is used to setup a default connection, by putting your access key id and secret key id, your preferred region and your … Continue reading [python]Create AWS VPC with boto3

Link: http://cyruslab.net/2019/05/05/pythoncreate-aws-vpc-with-boto3/

[tufin]adding generic routes

Tufin securetrack is incapable of detecting routes that use policy based routing, a possible solution to include routes of policy based routing is to add generic routes. This can be found in this https://forum.tufin.com/support/kc/latest/index.htm?toc.htm?10626.htm you need to create a csv file in tufin ST, then use the /usr/local/st/topology_generic_routes -m 5 -i your_file_in.csv</code> update the topology with … Continue reading "[tufin]adding generic routes"

Link: http://cyruslab.net/2018/06/13/tufinadding-generic-routes/


import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET from copy import copy access_request = [] with open(“config.xml”, “r”) as file: base = file.read() body = ET.fromstring(base) ar_field = body.find(‘.//field’) ar = ET.Element(‘access_request’) ET.SubElement(ar, ‘sources’) ET.SubElement(ar, ‘destinations’) ET.SubElement(ar, ‘services’) ET.SubElement(ar, ‘action’) for i in range(0, 3): access_request.append(copy(ar)) for ar_tag in access_request: ar_field.append(ar_tag) print(ET.tostring(body, encoding=’utf-8′).decode(‘utf-8’))

Link: http://cyruslab.net/2018/05/09/temp/

[postgres]Installing postgres bigsql on MAC

Here’s the link https://www.openscg.com/bigsql/package-manager.jsp/ First install pgc as indicated in the link. Go to the bigsql folder and type ./pgc list, I am installing a proven version 9.6.8, ./pgc install pg96 Then install the gui for managing the database which is pgadmin3 ./pgc install pgadmin3. Run the pgadmin3 by doing ./pgc start pgadmin3, prior to … Continue reading “[postgres]Installing postgres bigsql on MAC"

Link: http://cyruslab.net/2018/05/01/postgresinstalling-postgres-bigsql-on-mac/