10+ Best Local WiFi Multiplayer Games For Android

Multiplayer gaming is fun where you can actually compete with human players in game. But what if you want to enjoy a multiplayer game with friends over local network of wifi. This allows you to sit at home and enjoy a game with your friends. If you are looking to play multiplayer games via wifi […]
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Airba.sh – A POSIX-compliant, Fully Automated WPA PSK Handshake Capture Script Aimed At Penetration Testing

Airbash is a POSIX-compliant, fully automated WPA PSK handshake capture script aimed at penetration testing. It is compatible with Bash and Android Shell (tested on Kali Linux and Cyanogenmod 10.2) and uses aircrack-ng to scan for clients that are currently connected to access points (AP). Those clients are then deauthenticated in order to capture the handshake when attempting to reconnect to the AP. Verification of a captured handshake is done using aircrack-ng. If one or more handshakes are captured, they are entered into an SQLite3 database, along with the time of capture and current GPS data (if properly configured).After capture, the database can be tested for vulnerable router models using crackdefault.sh. It will search for entries that match the implemented modules, which currently include algorithms to compute default keys for Speedport 500-700 series, Thomson/SpeedTouch and UPC 7 digits (UPC1234567) routers.RequirementsWiFi interface in monitor mode aircrack-ng SQLite3 openssl for compilation of modules (optional) wlanhc2hcx from hcxtoolsIn order to log GPS coordinates of handshakes, configure your coordinate logging software to log to .loc/*.txt (the filename can be chosen as desired). Airbash will always use the output of cat “$path$loc"*.txt 2>/dev/null | awk ‘NR==0; END{print}’, which equals to reading all .txt files in .loc/ and picking the second line. The reason for this way of implementation is the functionality of GPSLogger, which was used on the development device.Calculating default keysAfter capturing a new handshake, the database can be queried for vulnerable router models. If a module applies, the default keys for this router series are calculated and used as input for aircrack-ng to try and recover the passphrase.Compiling ModulesThe modules for calculating Thomson/SpeedTouch and UPC1234567 (7 random digits) default keys are included in src/Credits for the code go to the authors Kevin Devine and peter@haxx.in.On Linux:gcc -fomit-frame-pointer -O3 -funroll-all-loops -o modules/st modules/stkeys.c -lcryptogcc -O2 -o modules/upckeys modules/upc_keys.c -lcryptoIf on Android, you may need to copy the binaries to /system/xbin/ or to another directory where binary execution is allowed.UsageRunning install.sh will create the database, prepare the folder structure and create shortlinks to both scripts which can be moved to a directory that is on $PATH to allow execution from any location.After installation, you may need to manually adjust INTERFACE on line 46 in airba.sh. This will later be determined automatically, but for now the default is set to wlan0, to allow out of the box compatibility with bcmon on Android../airba.sh starts the script, automatically scanning and attacking targets that are not found in the database. ./crackdefault.sh attempts to break known default key algorithms.To view the database contents, run sqlite3 .db.sqlite3 "SELECT * FROM hs" in the main directory.Update (Linux only … for now):Airbash can be updated by executing update.sh. This will clone the master branch into /tmp/ and overwrite the local files.Output_n: number of access points found__c/m: represents client number and maximum number of clients found, respectively-: access point is blacklistedx: access point already in database?: access point out of range (not visible to airodump anymore)The DatabaseThe database contains a table called hs with seven columns.id: incrementing counter of table entrieslat and lon: GPS coordinates of the handshake (if available)bssid: MAC address of the access pointessid: Name identifierpsk: WPA Passphrase, if knownprcsd: Flag that gets set by crackdefault.sh to prevent duplicate calculation of default keys if a custom passphrase was used.Currently, the SQLite3 database is not password-protected.Download Airbash

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ReverseAPK – Quickly Analyze And Reverse Engineer Android Packages

Quickly analyze and reverse engineer Android applications.FEATURES:Displays all extracted files for easy referenceAutomatically decompile APK files to Java and Smali formatAnalyze AndroidManifest.xml for common vulnerabilities and behaviorStatic source code analysis for common vulnerabilities and behaviorDevice infoIntentsCommand executionSQLite referencesLogging referencesContent providersBroadcast recieversService referencesFile referencesCrypto referencesHardcoded secretsURL’sNetwork connectionsSSL referencesWebView referencesINSTALL:./installUSAGE:reverse-apk Download ReverseAPK

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11 Best Action Games for Android

Smartphones are now a gaming device as well. Game developers are also considering smartphone version of their PC games. This is the reason, we have so many exciting games for Android as well. Action games are most popular among gamers. So, we have variety of action games out there for Android as well. Action gams include […]
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Autopwn v2.0 – A Simple Bash Based Metasploit Automation Tool

A simple bash based metasploit automation tool!With just a few clicks, own any android or windows device!!Update:Changed the name from Autopreter to Autopwn™System-wide installation (just enter Autopwn in the terminal from any directory!!)Added eternalblue exploitPrerequisitesMetasploit frameworkA linux/unix based systemngrok Please note that ngrok is not not a necessity and is required only for performing over the internet (WAN) attack!Installationchmod +x Autopwn.sh./Autopwn.shFuture UpdatesMore exploits to be addedWindows host support to be added soonDownload Autopwn

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7 Best Anonymous Chat Apps for Android to Talk To Strangers

We all use WhatsApp, Messenger and other instant messaging apps to talk to friends. But talking to any random stranger on an instant messaging app is also a fun when you have nothing to do. When you are talking to a random person, you can actually talk about those things that you do not want […]
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