HiddenEye – Modern Phishing Tool With Advanced Functionality (Android-Support-Available)

Modern Phishing Tool With Advanced Functionality PHISHING | KEYLOGGER | INFORMATION_COLLECTOR | ALL_IN_ONE_TOOL | SOCIALENGINEERINGDEVELOPERS & CONTRIBUTORSANONUD4Y (https://github.com/An0nUD4Y)USAMA ABDUL SATTAR (https://github.com/usama7628674)sTiKyt (https://github.com/sTiKyt)UNDEADSEC (https://github.com/UndeadSec)Micrafast (https://github.com/Micrafast)___________ (WAITING FOR YOU)SCREENSHOT (Android-Userland)CREDIT:-Anonud4y ( I don’t remember if i have done Anything )Usama ( A Most active Developer)sTiKyt ( Guy Who recustomized everything )UNDEADSEC (For His wonderful repo socialfish which motivated us a lot)TheLinuxChoice ( For His Tools Phishing Pages )TESTED ON FOLLOWING:-Kali Linux – Rolling EditionParrot OS – Rolling EditionLinux Mint – 18.3 SylviaUbuntu – 16.04.3 LTSMacOS High SierraArch LinuxManjaro XFCE Edition 17.1.12Black ArchUserland app (For Android Users)PREREQUISITES ( Please verify if you have installed )Python 3Wget from PythonPHPsudoFOUND A BUG ? / HAVE ANY ISSUE ? :- (Read This)Check closed & solved issues/bugs before opening new.Make sure your issue is related to the codes and resources of this repository.Its your responsibility to response on your opened issues.If we don’t found user response on his/her issue in the particular time interval , Then we have to close that issue.Do Not Spam or Advertise & Respect Everyone.WHAT’S NEW FEATURES1) LIVE ATTACKNow you will have live information about the victims such as : IP ADDRESS, Geolocation, ISP, Country, & many more.2) COMPATIBILITYAll the sites are mobile compatible.3) KEYLOGGERNow you will also have the ability to capture all the keystokes of victim.You can now Deploy Keyloggers With (Y/N) option.Major issues fixed.4) ANDROID SUPPORTWe care about Android Users, So now we have came with two ways to run HiddenEye in Android Devices.(A) UserLand AppYou Have to Download UserLand App. Click Here To Download it.To read more how to set up userland app Read HERE(B) Termux AppYou Have to Download Termux App. Click Here To Download it.For Further instruction Check InstructionsTermux Users Clone With This Command , Unless Errors may occur during Running.git clone -b Termux-Support-Branch https://github.com/DarkSecDevelopers/HiddenEye.git5) NEW LOOK PROVIDEDNOW FOCUS EASILY ON TASKS…CUSTOMIZE APP WITH YOUR OWN THEMES6) SERVEO URL TYPE SELECTION AVAILABLE NOWMajor issues with serveo is fixed.Now You can choose out of CUSTOM URL and RANDOM URL.7) LARGE COLLECTION OF PHISHING PAGES ADDEDPages are taken from various tool including ShellPhish , Blackeye , SocialFish .FOR FURTHER INSTALLATION PROCEDURE – (CHECK INSTRUCTIONS)AVAILABLE PAGES1) Facebook:Traditional Facebook login page.Advanced Poll Method.Fake Security login with Facebook Page.Facebook messenger login page.2) Google:Traditional Google login page.Advanced Poll Method.New Google Page.3) LinkedIn:Traditional LinkedIn login page.4) Github:Traditional Github login page.5) Stackoverflow:Traditional Stackoverflow login page.6) WordPress:Similar WordPress login page.7) Twitter:Traditional Twitter login page.8) Instagram:Traditional Instagram login page.Instagram Autoliker Phishing Page.Instagram Profile Scenario Advanced attack.Instagram Badge Verify Attack [New]Instagram AutoFollower Phishing Page by (https://github.com/thelinuxchoice)9) SNAPCHAT PHISHING:Traditional Snapchat Login Page10) YAHOO PHISHING:Traditional Yahoo Login Page11) TWITCH PHISHING:Traditional Twitch Login Page [ Login With Facebook Also Available ]12) MICROSOFT PHISHING:Traditional Microsoft-Live Web Login Page13) STEAM PHISHING:Traditional Steam Web Login Page14) VK PHISHING:Traditional VK Web Login PageAdvanced Poll Method15) ICLOUD PHISHING:Traditional iCloud Web Login Page16) GitLab PHISHING:Traditional GitLab Login Page17) NetFlix PHISHING:Traditional Netflix Login Page18) Origin PHISHING:Traditional Origin Login Page19) Pinterest PHISHING:Traditional Pinterest Login Page20) Protonmail PHISHING:Traditional Protonmail Login Page21) Spotify PHISHING:Traditional Spotify Login Page22) Quora PHISHING:Traditional Quora Login Page23) PornHub PHISHING:Traditional PornHub Login Page24) Adobe PHISHING:Traditional Adobe Login Page25) Badoo PHISHING:Traditional Badoo Login Page26) CryptoCurrency PHISHING:Traditional CryptoCurrency Login Page27) DevianArt PHISHING:Traditional DevianArt Login Page28) DropBox PHISHING:Traditional DropBox Login Page29) eBay PHISHING:Traditional eBay Login Page30) MySpace PHISHING:Traditional Myspace Login Page31) PayPal PHISHING:Traditional PayPal Login Page32) Shopify PHISHING:Traditional Shopify Login Page33) Verizon PHISHING:Traditional Verizon Login Page34) Yandex PHISHING:Traditional Yandex Login PageAscii error fixdpkg-reconfigure localesThen select: “All locales" Then select "en_US.UTF-8"After that reboot your machine. Then open terminal and run the command: "locale"There you will see "en_US.UTF-8" which is the default language. Instead of POSIX.DISCLAIMERTO BE USED FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY The use of the HiddenEye is COMPLETE RESPONSIBILITY of the END-USER. Developers assume NO liability and are NOT responsible for any misuse or damage caused by this program. Please read LICENSE.Download HiddenEye

Link: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/PentestTools/~3/GTRsshv5Lcs/hiddeneye-modern-phishing-tool-with.html