Sn1per v7.0 – Automated Pentest Framework For Offensive Security Experts

Sn1per Community Edition is an automated scanner that can be used during a penetration test to enumerate and scan for vulnerabilities. Sn1per Professional is Xero Security’s premium reporting addon for Professional Penetration Testers, Bug Bounty Researchers and Corporate Security teams to manage large environments and pentest scopes. For more information regarding Sn1per Professional, go to PROFESSIONAL FEATURES:Professional reporting interfaceSlideshow for all gathered screenshotsSearchable and sortable DNS, IP and open port databaseDetailed host reportsNMap HTML host reportsQuick links to online recon tools and Google hacking queriesTakeovers and Email SecurityHTML5 NotepadORDER SN1PER PROFESSIONAL:To obtain a Sn1per Professional license, go to VIDEO:SN1PER COMMUNITY FEATURES:Automatically collects basic recon (ie. whois, ping, DNS, etc.)Automatically launches Google hacking queries against a target domainAutomatically enumerates open ports via NMap port scanningAutomatically brute forces sub-domains, gathers DNS info and checks for zone transfersAutomatically checks for sub-domain hijackingAutomatically runs targeted NMap scripts against open portsAutomatically runs targeted Metasploit scan and exploit modulesAutomatically scans all web applications for common vulnerabilitiesAutomatically brute forces ALL open servicesAutomatically test for anonymous FTP accessAutomatically runs WPScan, Arachni and Nikto for all web servicesAutomatically enumerates NFS sharesAutomatically test for anonymous LDAP accessAutomatically enumerate SSL/TLS ciphers, protocols and vulnerabilitiesAutomatically enumerate SNMP community strings, services and usersAutomatically list SMB users and shares, check for NULL sessions and exploit MS08-067Automatically exploit vulnerable JBoss, Java RMI and Tomcat serversAutomatically tests for open X11 serversAuto-pwn added for Metasploitable, ShellShock, MS08-067, Default Tomcat CredsPerforms high level enumeration of multiple hosts and subnetsAutomatically integrates with Metasploit Pro, MSFConsole and Zenmap for reportingAutomatically gathers screenshots of all web sitesCreate individual workspaces to store all scan outputEXPLOITS:Drupal RESTful Web Services unserialize() SA-CORE-2019-003Apache Struts: S2-057 (CVE-2018-11776): Security updates available for Apache StrutsDrupal: CVE-2018-7600: Remote Code Execution – SA-CORE-2018-002GPON Routers – Authentication Bypass / Command Injection CVE-2018-10561MS17-010 EternalBlue SMB Remote Windows Kernel Pool CorruptionApache Tomcat: Remote Code Execution (CVE-2017-12617)Oracle WebLogic wls-wsat Component Deserialization Remote Code Execution CVE-2017-10271Apache Struts Content-Type arbitrary command execution (CVE-2017-5638)Apache Struts 2 Framework Checks – REST plugin with XStream handler (CVE-2017-9805)Apache Struts Content-Type arbitrary command execution (CVE-2017-5638)Microsoft IIS WebDav ScStoragePathFromUrl Overflow CVE-2017-7269ManageEngine Desktop Central 9 FileUploadServlet ConnectionId Vulnerability CVE-2015-8249Shellshock Bash Shell remote code execution CVE-2014-6271HeartBleed OpenSSL Detection CVE-2014-0160MS12-020: Vulnerabilities in Remote Desktop Could Allow Remote Code Execution (2671387)Tomcat Application Manager Default Ovwebusr Password Vulnerability CVE-2009-3843MS08-067 Microsoft Server Service Relative Path Stack CorruptionWebmin File Disclosure CVE-2006-3392VsFTPd 2.3.4 BackdoorProFTPd 1.3.3C BackdoorMS03-026 Microsoft RPC DCOM Interface OverflowDistCC Daemon Command ExecutionJBoss Java De-SerializationHTTP Writable Path PUT/DELETE File AccessApache Tomcat User EnumerationTomcat Application Manager Login BruteforceJenkins-CI EnumerationHTTP WebDAV ScannerAndroid Insecure ADBAnonymous FTP AccessPHPMyAdmin BackdoorPHPMyAdmin Auth BypassOpenSSH User EnumerationLibSSH Auth BypassSMTP User EnumerationPublic NFS MountsKALI LINUX INSTALL:bash install.shUBUNTU/DEBIAN/PARROT INSTALL:bash install_debian_ubuntu.shDOCKER INSTALL:docker build DockerfileUSAGE:[*] NORMAL MODEsniper -t|–target [*] NORMAL MODE + OSINT + RECON + FULL PORT SCAN + BRUTE FORCEsniper -t|–target <TARGET> -o|–osint -re|–recon -fp|–fullportonly -b|–bruteforce[*] STEALTH MODE + OSINT + RECONsniper -t|–target <TARGET> -m|–mode stealth -o|–osint -re|–recon[*] DISCOVER MODEsniper -t|–target <CIDR> -m|–mode discover -w|–workspace <WORSPACE_ALIAS>[*] FLYOVER MODEsniper -t|–target <TARGET> -m|–mode flyover -w|–workspace <WORKSPACE_ALIAS>[*] AIRSTRIKE MODEsniper -f|–file /full/path/to/targets.txt -m|–mode airstrike[*] NUKE MODE WITH TARGET LIST, BRUTEFORCE ENABLED, FULLPORTSCAN ENABLED, OSINT ENABLED, RECON ENABLED, WORKSPACE & LOOT ENABLEDsniper -f–file /full/path/to/targets.txt -m|–mode nuke -w|–workspace <WORKSPACE_ALIAS>[*] SCAN ONLY SPECIFIC PORTsniper -t|–target <TA RGET> -m port -p|–port <portnum>[*] FULLPORTONLY SCAN MODEsniper -t|–target <TARGET> -fp|–fullportonly[*] PORT SCAN MODEsniper -t|–target <TARGET> -m|–mode port -p|–port <PORT_NUM>[*] WEB MODE – PORT 80 + 443 ONLY!sniper -t|–target <TARGET> -m|–mode web[*] HTTP WEB PORT HTTP MODEsniper -t|–target <TARGET> -m|–mode webporthttp -p|–port <port>[*] HTTPS WEB PORT HTTPS MODEsniper -t|–target <TARGET> -m|–mode webporthttps -p|–port <port>[*] WEBSCAN MODEsniper -t|–target <TARGET> -m|–mode webscan[*] ENABLE BRUTEFORCEsniper -t|–target <TARGET> -b|–bruteforce[*] ENABLE LOOT IMPORTING INTO METASPLOITsniper -t|–target <TARGET>[*] LOOT REIMPORT FUNCTIONsniper -w <WORKSPACE_ALIAS> –reimport[*] LOOT REIMPORTALL FUNCTIONsniper -w <WORKSPACE_ALIAS& gt; –reimportall[*] DELETE WORKSPACEsniper -w <WORKSPACE_ALIAS> -d[*] DELETE HOST FROM WORKSPACEsniper -w <WORKSPACE_ALIAS> -t <TARGET> -dh[*] SCHEDULED SCANS’sniper -w <WORKSPACE_ALIAS> -s daily|weekly|monthly'[*] SCAN STATUSsniper –status[*] UPDATE SNIPERsniper -u|–updateMODES:NORMAL: Performs basic scan of targets and open ports using both active and passive checks for optimal performance.STEALTH: Quickly enumerate single targets using mostly non-intrusive scans to avoid WAF/IPS blocking.FLYOVER: Fast multi-threaded high level scans of multiple targets (useful for collecting high level data on many hosts quickly).AIRSTRIKE: Quickly enumerates open ports/services on multiple hosts and performs basic fingerprinting. To use, specify the full location of the file which contains all hosts, IPs that need to be scanned and run ./sn1per /full/path/to/targets.txt airstrike to begin scanning.NUKE: Launch full audit of multiple hosts specified in text file of choice. Usage example: ./sniper /pentest/loot/targets.txt nuke.DISCOVER: Parses all hosts on a subnet/CIDR (ie. and initiates a sniper scan against each host. Useful for internal network scans.PORT: Scans a specific port for vulnerabilities. Reporting is not currently available in this mode.FULLPORTONLY: Performs a full detailed port scan and saves results to XML.WEB: Adds full automatic web application scans to the results (port 80/tcp & 443/tcp only). Ideal for web applications but may increase scan time significantly.WEBPORTHTTP: Launches a full HTTP web application scan against a specific host and port.WEBPORTHTTPS: Launches a full HTTPS web application scan against a specific host and port.WEBSCAN: Launches a full HTTP & HTTPS web application scan against via Burpsuite and Arachni.SAMPLE REPORT: Sn1per