Bashter – Web Crawler, Scanner, And Analyzer Framework

Bashter is a tool for scanning a Web-based Application. Bashter is very suitable for doing Bug Bounty or Penentration Testing. It is designed like a framework so you can easily add a script for detect vulnerability.For ExampleYou can add something script like this:${BASHTER_HOME}/parts/form/yourscript.bash ${WEB-FULLPATH} ${WEB-SOURCECODE}${BASHTER_HOME}/parts/url/yourscript.bash ${WEB-FULLPATH} ${WEB-SOURCECODE}${BASHTER_HOME}/parts/header/yourscript.bash ${WEB-FULLPATH} ${WEB-SOURCECODE}For the sample, you can follow existing scripts.Disable ScriptYou only need to change the extension, for example .bash => Default:Detect Form InputDetect CORS MissconfigurationDetect X-FRAME-OPTIONS missing (Clickjacking Potential)Detect Reflected XSS via URLDetect Reflected XSS via FormHow to Install:git clone Bashter/bash setup.bashContributor:Schopath a.k.a Ophan (@panophan)Suhada (@suhada99)Abay (@abaykan)Download Bashter