Cuteit v0.2.1 – IP Obfuscator Made To Make A Malicious Ip A Bit Cuter

IP obfuscator made to make a malicious ip a bit cuterA simple python tool to help you to social engineer, bypass whitelisting firewalls, potentially break regex rules for command line logging looking for IP addresses and obfuscate cleartext strings to C2 locations within the payload.All of that is simply done with obfuscating ip to many forms.Usageusage: [-h] [–disable-coloring] ippositional arguments: ip IP you want to convertoptional arguments: -h, –help show this help message and exit –disable-coloring Disable colored printingScreenshotUsing it as a module!You can use this script as a module in your python scripts as follows:import Cuteitconvert = Cuteit.lib(ip)print(convert.hex)and the photo bellow shows that in action:Download Cuteit