BFuzz – Fuzzing Browsers (Chrome & Firefox)

BFuzz is an input based fuzzer tool which take .html as an input, open’s up your browser with a new instance and pass multiple testcases generated by domato which is present in recurve folder of BFuzz, more over BFuzz is an automation which performs same task repeatedly.Run BFuzzwarmachine@ftw:~/BFuzz$ ./generate.shwarmachine@ftw:~/BFuzz$ python Enter the browser type: 1: Chrome 2: Firefox>>Running python will ask for option weather to fuzz Chrome or Firefox, however if selected 2 this will open firefox firefox –new-instance and randomly open any of the testcase from recurve create the logs on the terminal wait for 3 seconds again it will open firefox and the same process continue so on.BFuzz is a small .py script which enable’s to open browser run testcase for 12 seconds then close wait for 3 seconds and again follow the same process.DomatoThe testcase’s in recurve are generated by domato contains the main script. It uses as a library and contains additional helper code for DOM contains the generation engine that is mostly application-agnostic and can thus be used in other (i.e. non-DOM) generation-based fuzzers. As it can be used as a library, its usage is described in a separate section below..txt files contain grammar definitions. There are 3 main files, html.txt, css.txt and js.txt which contain HTML, CSS and JavaScript grammars, respectively. These root grammar files may include content from other files.Bug showcaseEpiphany Web 3.28.1: CVE-2018-11396Mozilla Firefox: Stack based buffer overflow bug ID: 1456083 [Went DUPLICATE]View in actionDownload BFuzz