Ease Me Into Cryptography Part 1: Buzzwords and Hash Function

You know what it’s like being in security, and someone asks you what you do. Now imagine the responses when I tell people I do cryptography. And it’s not just outsiders. Even within a techie crowd, common responses range from “Ooof, that sounds complicated” to “I wouldn’t touch that with a ten-foot stick”. I usually laugh and assure people that, although it can be complex, the complexity is surmountable. Even my reassuring comments are met with disbelief and the persistence of a feeling of intimidation by the topic of cryptography. I would love nothing more than for my words to be met with intrigue rather than hesitation. So I’m here to prove to you that crypto is tackle-able, and you can be the one to tackle it.
Cryptography is no longer a convenient addition. It is becoming more and more of a necessity for security and privacy. Organizations and consumers are demanding it. So, if you must learn it eventually, why not start now and why not learn the easy way. I fully admit that cryptography sounds intimidating, especially when it comes to adding it into your code. However, I firmly believe that the intimidation is solely because it is in an unfamiliar context. If the concepts can be broken down into bite-sized pieces, then our brains can more easily consume the crypto elephant. “Ease Me Into Cryptography”, a series of introductory articles for InfoSec professionals, will do just that.
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