Container Security Part 3 – Kubernetes Cheat Sheet

During the first two articles of this series, we went from some initial research as a “Quick Dive into Containers, Kubernetes and Security” to a more detailed look at the first steps of actual implementation in “Container Security Part 2 – Benchmarks to the Rescue”. While that mostly covered Docker, my obvious next step was to tackle Kubernetes. This led to not only a much deeper dive but also to the inevitable glut of information. To make it easier for me, I created a cheat sheet of commands for use in Kubernetes. As my intention was always to share my findings, this ended up being a great companion piece to tag along with my talk at BSides Toronto 2018 titled “Kubernetes – Security you need to know about it”.
The bulk of this article is the Cheat Sheet itself. But before we get to it, let me give a little background and credit. This is a personal cheat sheet I have made while going through the Learn Kubernetes Basics tutorials, and specifically, “Using Minikube to Create a Cluster”. I used the interactive tutorial, and copied the commands to a cluster in my ESXI server. This cheat sheet does not go through setting up an environment that runs Kubernetes and Docker. This assumes Docker and Minikube are installed. For a non-interactive tutorial follow Hello Minikube.
And now on with the show…
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