VBScan 0.1.8 – Black Box vBulletin Vulnerability Scanner

OWASP VBScan (short for [VB]ulletin Vulnerability [Scan]ner) is an opensource project in perl programming language to detect VBulletin CMS vulnerabilities and analyses them . Why OWASP VBScan ? If you want to do a penetration test on a vBulletin Forum, OWASP VBScan is Your best shot ever! This Project is being faster than ever and updated with the latest VBulletin vulnerabilities.Project Leader : Mohammad Reza Espargham Github : https://github.com/rezasp/vbscan/ SourceForge : https://sourceforge.net/projects/vbscan/ OWASP Page : https://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_VBScan_Project usage : ./vbscan.pl ./vbscan.pl http://target.com/vbulletinOWASP VBScan 0.1.7 introduction What’s New in Version 0.1.8 [Self Challenge]Updated vulnerabilities database “Email Before Registration Plugin" SQL exploit added"Tapatalk vbulletin plugin" exploit added "Routestring RCE" exploit added Vbulletin possible password logger detector addedAllow start from any pathOpenRedirection founder module addedVbulletin version comparing module addedA few enhancements Download VBScan

Link: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/PentestTools/~3/6Oz8dDXNjHM/vbscan-018-black-box-vbulletin.html