Hacking macOS: How to Perform Privilege Escalation, Part 1 (File Permissions Abuse)

In most macOS hacks, a non-root terminal is used to create a backdoor into the device. A lot of damage can be done as a low-privileged user, but it has its limitations. Think twice before granting a file permission to execute — an attacker might be able to convert your harmless scripts into persistent root backdoors.
As a low-privileged user, we can perform a variety of attacks such as listening to audio using the microphone and live streaming the target’s desktop in real time. But dumping user login hashes, exfiltrating Keychain data, modifying root files, and several Empire modules require… more

Link: https://null-byte.wonderhowto.com/how-to/hacking-macos-perform-privilege-escalation-part-1-file-permissions-abuse-0186331/