One-Lin3r v1.1 – Gives You One-Liners That Aids In Penetration Testing Operations

One-Lin3r is simple and light-weight framework inspired by the web-delivery module in Metasploit.It consists of various one-liners that aids in penetration testing operations:Reverser: Give it IP & port and it returns a reverse shell liner ready for copy & paste.Dropper: Give it an uploaded-backdoor URL and it returns a download-&-execute liner ready for copy & paste.Other: Holds liners with the general purpose to help in penetration testing (ex: Mimikatz, Powerup, etc…) on the trending OSes (Windows, Linux, and macOS) “More OSes can be added too".FeaturesSearch for any one-liner in the database by its full name or partially.You can add your own liners by following these steps to create a ".liner" file. Also, you can send it to me directly and it will be added in the framework and credited with your name .Autocomplete any framework command and recommendations in case of typos (in case you love hacking like movies ).Command line arguments can be used to give the framework a resource file to load and execute for automation.The ability to reload the database if you added any liner without restarting the framework.You can add any platform to the payloads database just by making a folder in payloads folder and creating a ".liner" file there.More…The payloads database is not big now because this the first edition but it will get bigger with updates and contributions.ScreenshotsUsageCommandline argumentsusage: one-lin3r [-h] [-r R] [-x X] [-q]optional arguments: -h, –help show this help message and exit -r Execute a resource file (history file). -x Execute a specific command (use ; for multiples). -q Quit mode (no banner).Framework commandsCommand Description——– ————-help/? Show this help menulist/show List payloads you can use in the Search payloads for a specific oneuse <payload> Use an available payloadinfo <payload> Get information about an available payloadbanner Display bannerreload/refresh Reload the payloads databasecheck Prints the core version and database version then check for them online.history Display command line most important history from the beginningsave_history Save command line history to a fileexit/quit Exit the frameworkInstalling and requirementsTo make the tool work at its best you must have :Python 3.x or 2.x (preferred 3).Linux (Tested on kali rolling), Windows system, mac osx (tested on 10.11)The requirements mentioned in the next few lines.Installing+For windows : (After downloading ZIP and upzip it)python -m pip install ./One-Lin3r-masterone-lin3r -h+For Linux :git clone install libncurses5-devpip install ./One-Lin3rone-lin3r -hUpdating the framework or the databaseOn Linux while outside the directorycd One-Lin3r && git pull && cd ..pip install ./One-Lin3r –upgradeOn Windows if you don’t have git installed, redownload the framework zipped!Download One-Lin3r