BSidesCharm 2017 Videos

Link: are the videos BSidesCharm (Baltimore) 2017. Thanks for inviting me down to record

KeynoteRob M Lee
Clean up on Aisle APTMark Parsons
Frony Fronius – Exploring Zigbee signals from Solar CityJose Fernandez
Weaponizing Splunk: Using Blue Teams for EvilRyan Hays
Current State of Virtualizing Network MonitoringDaniel Lohin & Ed Sealing
The Not So Same-Origin PolicyDavid Petty
IoT Pressure Cooker What Could Go WrongBen Actis
OPSEC for the Security PractictionerMichael Clayberg
Automating Bulk Intelligence CollectionGita Ziabari
I Went Phishing and Caught a Charge – Maryland Law for PentestersJoshua Rosenblatt
Imposter Syndrome: I Don’t Feel Like Who You Think I AmMicah Hoffman
The Battle for OSINT – Are you Team GUI or Team Command Line?Tracy Z. Maleeff & Joe Gray
SOC Panel Keynote
KeynoteJim Christy
Red Teaming the BoardRobert Wood
The AVATAR Project and Youda_667
Threat Hunting – Thinking About TomorrowTazz
Understanding the Cybersecurity Act of 2015Jeff Kosseff
Detecting the Elusive: Active Directory Threat HuntingSean Metcalf
Microsoft Patch Analysis for ExploitationStephen Sims
Arming Small Security Programs: Network Baseline Generation and Alerts with BropyMatt Domko
The Cryptography of Edgar Allan PoeRobert Weiss (pwcrack)